Blockchain Solution Accelerator for Enterprise Applications

Can you answer these questions about your data?

  • Who created the data?
  • Has the data been altered since creation?
  • Who has access to the data?

The Keychain Core is a solution accelerator that allow you to address these questions without having to trust a third party.


    Keychain Core comprises a blockchain based public-key infrastructure, and a native client that secures data that exists outside the blockchain in a way that removes the need to entrust data security to third parties such as certificate authorities, network providers, and cloud providers. Keychain Core brings implicit data provenance trust for managers of critical data across a range of fields, such as financial services, medical & healthcare, government, and industrial.

    Solution Accelerator

      Keychain Core software development kit provides developers with the necessary tools to easily deploy the Core and it’s software library directly within their existing systems. Our blockchain agnostic SDK also allows developers to connect to a blockchain protocol of their choosing, whether it be private or public.

      Capabilities / Functions

      • End-to-end encryption.
      • Digital signatures.
      • Historical digital signature attribution.
      • Automated certificate revocation and key rollover.
      • Automated re-encryption of data.

      Privacy Aware

        Stores no personally identifiable information on the blockchain. Data and authenticated records of consent can be stored wherever you choose. Transmit over any network while maintaining the same high level of security.

        Risk Mitigation

          Normalizes data security risks globally by removing the need to depend on unaccountable third parties.


            Conformant to international security standards, including ISO/IEC 18033 and the prevailing security recommendations of NIST (USA), CRYPTREC (Japan), BSI (Germany), ECRYPT-CSA (EU), and ANSI (France).

            Globally Scalable to Millions of Users

            • Resource-efficient, real-time, and easy to integrate in embedded systems.
            • Any data. Any device. Any network/cloud.
            • Available on most major platforms.

            Use Cases

            • Know your machine, AI and robots.
            • Secure financial network.
            • Self-sovereign identity
            • Healthcare data mobility.
            • Connected automotive telemetry.
            • Food certification.
            • Military communication.