We're changing how people and companies thrive in the digital world.

Our Mission

In the future, every human and device will be able to protect their data flows (from chat messages to business contracts to digital money) while asserting identity when necessary. Banking will be contextual, available from the nearest device. Self-agency, self-sovereignty.

Our Values

We believe that every development team should be able to leverage the power of blockchain technology. We believe that companies and individuals should be able to protect their data and identities in the digital world. We believe that the balance between privacy and regulation / social stability lies in embracing self-sovereign, censorship-resistant identity for humans and for machines.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative teams

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  • Jonathan Hope

    Co-founder and CEO

    Jonathan is a entrepreneur with deep technical experience in cyber security and financial market infrastructure. An accomplished applied cryptographer and computer scientist, Jonathan was recruited by top-tier securities trading brokerages on Wall Street to build high-performance high-frequency trading systems early in his career. Jonathan earned a reputation as a deliverer — someone who delivered high-risk, high-profile projects, under pressure. Jonathan moved on to close multimillion-dollar software license deals with top-tier global financial institutions. Jonathan wrote Keychain's flagship product, Keychain Core, to solve cyber security problems he experienced while deploying trading systems.

  • Kazuyoshi Mishima


    Kazuyoshi is a serial entrepreneur who has over twenty years of experience in fintech. Before Keychain, he worked at Kraken as its Japan business development manager. He is a board advisor to the Fintech Association Japan and served as a board member of the Japan Crypto Business Association, of which fifteen registered crypto currency exchanges in Japan are member. He worked at companies such as Softbank, SBI group, and Daiichi Kangyo Bank and graduated from Keio University.

  • Pieter Franken

    Senior Advisor to the CEO

    Pieter Franken is a passionate global Fintech Pioneer and a Deep Tech Innovator with many industry firsts under his belt. Career spanning well over 30+ years in the Financial Industry,specializing in technology leadership, FinTech, Financial Inclusion, GreenTech, AI, Cyber Security, digital innovation and large-scale digital transformations. C-level and executive positions with industry leaders such as Citigroup, Shinsei Bank, Aplus, Monex Group, Union Digital Bank and ModuleQ, and senior advisory/board positions including Elevandi (SFF), RegGenome Ltd., EmeradaCo and SAFECAST.ORG, a global NPO critically acclaimed for citizen sourced, open environmental data.


Recognized by the world's most esteemed organizaions

  • Global Fintech Award

    Global Fintech Award

    Association of Banks in Singapore

    Keychain was recognized for its achievement in integrating its data provenance platform with Internet of Things (IoT) and for demonstrating the technology to the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Keychain was the first company representing Japan to receive the award. Keychain was the only blockchain company to be nominated and receive the Global Fintech Award.

  • Special Jury Prize

    Special Jury Prize

    Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

    Keychain was recognized for its IoT blockchain platform.

  • Research Grant

    Research Grant

    Japan New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

    Keychain refined its Keychain Core framework with the support of a research grant from the Japan New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan's largest public management organization promoting research and development.


Keychain is Asia-based and serving customers globally.

  • Singapore

    Keychain Pte. Ltd.
    Prudential Building, 19-06
    30 Cecil St.
    Singapore 049712
  • Tokyo

    Keychain GK
    Lattice Aoyama Square, 2F
    1-2-6 Minami Aoyama
    Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Japan 107-0062
    Capitalization:20,000,000 JPY
    Representative Director:Jonathan Hope