Take back digital agency for your company and your customers

Keychain provides a comprehensive Zero Trust software framework that lets you quickly build secure and seamless digital experiences.

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Cross the chasm.

The things we need to do today in the digital world are hindered by lack of key capabilities. We need a new paradigm to move forward.

Product screenshot Identity.
For government and finance.
Product screenshot Data Portability.
For healthcare and fintech.
Product screenshot Privacy.
For personal tech, enterprise, and defense.
Product screenshot Trust Management.
For enterprise IT.
Product screenshot Data Authenticity.
For finance, gaming, enterprise, defense, and automotive.
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Streamline your customer's digital experience

The Zero Trust paradigm offers the path forward.

You want to deliver new digital user experiences, but legacy tools lead to fragmented identity, siloed data, and dependency on unaccountable third parties. Adopt a Zero Trust paradigm in your application and system designs to achieve 360° secure digital experience.

Unified, self-sovereign user identity.
Expand your product offering to embedded scenarios that were previously thought impossible with self-managed identity across the device spectrum.
Data-centric security based on identity.
Protect your company from inside and outsider data security threats with end-to-end encryption at rest, regardless of security of the infrastructure on which it resides or traverses.
Independence from centralized, unaccountable third parties regarding your data security.
Remove unaccountable, centralized third parties (cloud, network, certificate authorities) from trust relationships and normalize your exposure to data security risks globally.

Deploy faster

Keychain accelerates your journey.

The capabilities your team needs to deploy Web3 digital solutions — identity, data-centric security, and verifiable credentials — are prohibitively costly and complex to develop in-house. Keychain enables you to cross this chasm by equipping your teams with powerful, simple tools to delight your customers and maintain high security — whether you are building new applications or integrating into existing applications, on-prem or cloud-based, and online or offline.

Keychain is the most comprehensive Zero Trust Framework
Self-sovereign digital identity (DID), verifiable credentials, E2EE at rest, and historical digital signature attribution made available in one hermetic package.
Advanced security
Standard-compliant hybrid encryption and data authentication. Our implementation conforms to ISO 18033 and IEEE 1363, and we track guidelines such as NIST, BSI, ECRYPT, and CRYPTOREC.
Simple and time-saving
Keychain's framework is purpose-built to encapsulate the complexity of security into simple-to-use building blocks that the common development team can use. Further, your team will be operational in minutes with Keychain's fully functional source-code solution accelerators.
Delight your users with a unified identity experience for smoother onboarding, user authentication, and data sharing for any data, across any devices, anywhere in the world (including offline scenarios).
95% Of all device platforms supported.
All major architectures natively supported including Intel, ARM, M1, and RISC-V. All device sizes including servers, desktop, tablet, phone, watch, and IoT.
6+ Programming languages supported
C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Objective-C, and more coming
98% Reduction in time to value.
Achieve working integrations in minutes, not months or years.
64 MB Minimum RAM needed on device.
Covers all phones, watches, and most wearables that your customers will be using.


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Global Fintech Award

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