JCB, Toppan Forms, and Keychain Collaborate on Offline Digital Currency Payments with NFC Cards

JCB, Toppan Forms, and Keychain Collaborate on Offline Digital Currency Payments with NFC Cards

October 26 2022


JCB Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), and Keychain G.K. (Tokyo), collaborate to deploy digital currency payment systems on near-field communication (NFC) cards to solve critical accessibility problem in payments.

JCB, Toppan Forms, and Keychain announced they are jointly working on a solution for offline accessibility in digital currency payments — allowing users to securely spend digital currency from NFC cards and allowing merchants to accept payments while disconnected from the Internet. The work aims to provide secure card payments even in disaster scenarios and geographic locations where internet connectivity is limited, removing a major obstacle to the mass adoption of digital currency. The solution will extend the reach of payments to embedded finance, smart cities, and mobility.

In the collaboration, Toppan Forms is lending its NFC-card expertise to the initiative and embedding digital assets into integrated-chip memory of NFC cards and key fobs. The system is based on Keychain’s trust management framework (Keychain Core) and builds upon a prior JCB-Keychain collaboration which enabled transactions between small devices (smartwatch and Internet of Things) offline using NFC communication and self-sovereign identity.


The dependency on network connectivity limits the accessibility of digital currency processing systems, rendering them inoperable in scenarios where network connectivity is disrupted for extended periods of time. If digital currency is ever to be widely adopted, payment processing solutions must be able to operate through degradations in network connectivity.

In a previous collaboration, JCB and Keychain created a machine-to-machine micro-payments solution capable of operating offline with small, active devices. They announced in November 2021 that the proof-of-concept successfully demonstrated these capabilities on smart phone, tablet, and smart watch. The inclusion of Toppan Forms will further build on this work by extending reach to passive NFC cards.

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