Digital Assets

Monetize Digitalization

What problem will you solve today with your custom digital asset?

  • Digital money, credits/points, and digital goods.
  • Easy issuance, transfer, and management of digital assets.
  • Asset and token are unified and fully customizable by the issuer.

Keychain Digital Asset Platform (DAP) is enabling you to define bespoke economic and governance parameters of your digital assets. Once the framework of your model is defined, Keychain DAP enables the seamless issuance, distribution and management of digital assets within your prescribed ecosystem.

Features and use cases

  • Flexible issuance platform for digital assets.
  • Issuer defined supply and economics.
  • Finite or commodity fundamentals-based asset supply.
  • Fungible or non-fungible assets.
  • Peer-to-peer transferable on the full range of devices supported by Core.

Secure market infrastructure for central bank digital currency, real estate titles deeds, digital bearer instruments, gaming goods and collectible unique items, energy credits, electronically recorded monetary claims.

Auditable, Immutable and Compliant

    Digital assets issued via Keychain DAP can offer regulatory authorities consolidated audit trails and real time access to market events securely and with the full immutable trust of a blockchain ledger. Keychain DAP provides governments, institutions and businesses the ability to securely record and share records of events on the ledger for regulatory compliance, reporting and archiving.

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