What is data provenance?

Data provenance means the ability to determine the origin and history of your data. In the context of commercial enterprise and engineering, the data may be any data, real time and not, pertaining to your company’s operations.


Some key questions IT and operations managers have about their data include the following:

  1. From whom or which device did this data come?
  2. Is the data I have now the same as when it was produced?
  3. Who has attested to the integrity of the data since it was created?


These questions are critical to ensuring operational integrity and managing operational risks.


For example, in manufacturing, robotic components in automated factories need to authenticate data from increasingly diverse sources else risk cyber security breaches causing major outages or worse. Financial markets depend on data (market data, trade executing reports, settlement instructions) to facilitate efficient processing workflows. Identifying the original creators and attesting parties is essential in building actionable market signals, performing trade reconciliation and regulatory compliance auditing.

Most IT problems related to workflows among multiple parties are essentially data provenance problems. Companies that effectively leverage data provenance in their workflows will not only benefit from better cyber security and reduced costs/risks, but will also be positioned to achieve the commanding heights of their industry, as they will uniquely be able to create new business patterns and delight their clients in new ways.

Why Keychain?

Keychain offers the following capabilities to our partners:

  1. Self-sovereign digital identity,
  2. Data-centric provenance and security,
  3. The ability to operate through and recover from degradation in cyber security (key rollover),
  4. Secure workflows

while enabling our partners to avoid entrusting data security to unaccountable third parties such as network and cloud providers and certificate authorities.

Keychain is one of the few companies in the world that focuses on these capabilities and the only one that has executed this vision in a way that is readily usable by our clients on every platform they choose, including PCs, tablets, smart phones, smart watch, and small Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Wherever your company offers its services and wherever you plan to take your company, Keychain supports (or will support) it natively and provides these capabilities in a way that the common application developer can readily use out of the box.


We’ve done the hard work so your team does not have to.


Keychain is built from the ground up with the stringent cyber security requirements of the financial industry. Keychain’s team is comprised of professionals with long experience building and deploying mission-critical financial market infrastructure for the world’s top financial institutions. Our engineers have been deeply involved in blockchain development since as early as 2013 — a testament to our foresight and passion for bringing the power of this technology into your hands for constructive, transformational business purposes.