A New Data Security Infrastructure

Keychain provides secure decentralized data authentication for finance, IoT and enterprise.

At Keychain we know that innovators and companies across any industry must have confidential data protected with best-in-class data security tools, and that critical data systems should contain the same level of operational integrity as life critical, physical safety systems.

Provenance and authenticity of data is critical in order to trust your operational data.

Steps Ahead

In the decades ahead, data and financial services will become contextual, operating over disjoint and increasing insecure networks.

Data Security

Data security is the cornerstone of these services, and companies need to recover from and operate through degradations in cyber security. 

Managed Trust

Companies must be able to secure any data, on any device, anywhere without having to entrust security to unaccountable third parties.

Leverage the power of blockchain with an easily-integrated, future-proof solution that is fit-for-purpose in demanding applications.

Keychain enables companies in finance, industry, and enterprise to:  

  • Globally marginalize risks of data breaches and reputational damage 
  • Fortify operational integrity and open new patterns of business 
  • Protect critical data from inside threats  
  • Accelerate time to market and reduce total cost of ownership compared to existing practices 


Secure Any Data on Any Device, Anywhere


Secure Any Data on Any Device, Anywhere
Can you answer these questions about your data?
  • Who created the data?  
  • Has the data been altered since creation?  
  • Who has access to the data?

The Keychain Core is a solution accelerator that allow you to address these questions without having to trust a third party.


Keychain Core comprises a blockchain based public-key infrastructure, and a native client that secures data that exists outside the blockchain in a way that removes the need to entrust data security to third parties such as certificate authorities, network providers, and cloud providers.

Keychain Core brings implicit data provenance trust for managers of critical data across a range of fields, such as financial services, medical & healthcare, government, and industrial.


Keychain Core software development kit provides developers with the necessary tools to easily deploy the Core and it’s software library directly within their existing systems. Our blockchain agnostic SDK also allows developers to connect to a blockchain protocol of their choosing, whether it be private or public.

Capabilities / Functions
  • End-to-end encryption. 
  • Digital signatures. 
  • Historical digital signature attribution. 
  • Automated certificate revocation and key rollover. 
  • Automated re-encryption of data. 

Normalizes data security risks globally by removing the need to depend on unaccountable third parties. 

Globally Scalable to Millions of Users
  • Resource-efficient, real-time, and easy to integrate in embedded systems. 
  • Any data. Any device. Any network/cloud. 
  • Available on most major platforms. 
Privacy Aware

Stores no personally identifiable information on the blockchain. Data and authenticated records of consent can be stored wherever you choose. Transmit over any network while maintaining the same high level of security.


Conformant to international security standards, including ISO/IEC 18033 and the prevailing security recommendations of NIST (USA), CRYPTREC (Japan), BSI (Germany), ECRYPT-CSA (EU), and ANSSI (France).

Sample cases
  • Know your machine, AI and robots. 
  • Secure financial messaging. 
  • Self-sovereign healthcare data. 
  • Connected automotive telemetry. 
  • Mobile identity. 
  • Food certification. 
  • Military communication. 


Monetize Digitalization


Monetize Digitalization
What problem will you solve today with your custom digital asset?
  • Digital money, credits/points, and digital goods. 
  • Easy issuance, transfer, and management of digital assets. 
  • Asset and token are unified and fully customizable by the issuer.

Keychain Digital Asset Platform (DAP) is enabling you to define bespoke economic and governance parameters of your digital assets. Once the framework of your model is defined, Keychain DAP enables the seamless issuance, distribution and management of digital assets within your prescribed ecosystem.

The Keychain DAP requires no programming or blockchain expertise and is an easy to use product suite of end-user, field-based parameter inputs.

Features and use cases 

Flexible issuance platform for digital assets allowing for:  

  • Issuer defined supply and economics. 
  • Finite or commodity fundamentals-based asset supply. 
  • Fungible or non-fungible assets. 
  • Censorship resistant or censorable assets.    
  • Peer-to-peer transferable on the full range of devices supported by DPI. 

Secure market infrastructure for:  

  • Municipal or national digital currency.  
  • Loyalty point systems. 
  • Real estate titles deeds.  
  • Digital bearer instruments. 
  • Gaming goods and collectible unique items.  
  • Energy/Carbon emission credits. 
  • Electronically recorded monetary claims. 
  • Sharing economy credits.
Auditable, Immutable and Compliant 

Digital assets issued via Keychain DAP can offer regulatory authorities consolidated audit trails and real time access to market events securely and with the full immutable trust of a blockchain ledger.   

Keychain DAP provides governments, institutions and businesses the ability to securely record and share records of events on the ledger for regulatory compliance, reporting and archiving.  


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Our founders

Jonathan Hope

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan is a technologist and second-time entrepreneur that believes that data security is the cornerstone of fintech’s next generation. An applied cryptographer by training, Jonathan dedicated much of his career to building and deploying high-frequency trading systems for companies…

Kazuyoshi Mishima

COO & Co-Founder

Kazuyoshi is a serial entrepreneur who has over twenty years of experience in fintech. He co-founded Keychain in 2016. Before Keychain, he worked at Kraken as its Japan business development manager. Kazuyoshi has a track record for pioneering and…


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